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How to draw a kawaii unicorn?

 Kawaii unicorn designs are the stars of this adorable Japanese style. In this article, you will learn how to draw cute kawaii unicorn step by step. At the end of the articles you will be able to enjoy many unicorn drawings offered to unicorn lovers 🦄 .


How to draw a kawaii unicorn?

The kawaii unicorn that we are going to teach you how to draw step by step is very cute 🥰 , in addition to being easy to make. After the tutorial, we share a video in which you will learn how to draw another unicorn 🦄 with a very similar technique. So you can see how it goes.


1) Draw the head

Start with the head. Draw a circle or ellipse hollowed out, wider at the bottom than at the top. As you will recall from our tutorial on how to draw kawaii, this style is based on geometric shapes simple. If you first sketch in pencil, you can close the circle in the initial sketch, if you sketch directly in pen, marker or marker, leave an opening for the location of the horn.


dessiner tête licorne kawaii

2) Draw the horn

Be careful because in the kawaii world the shapes are rounded, so avoid making your horn too sharp. The lines that draw the classic spiral that surrounds the horns of kawaii unicorns are also important. A good idea is to color each segment a different color 🌈 when the time is right.

dessin corne licorne kawaii

3) Draw the ears and hair

Here you need to consider two things.Hair strands should be very different. In this way, when we color them, each strand of hair will be clearly visible, and we can color each of them with a different color. As for the ears 👂 , I suggest you draw the outer edge with the same thickness as the head, and finer interior lines.

dessin licorne kawaii cheveux

4) Draw the face

The face is one of the elements that best distinguishes a kawaii drawing from a non-kawaii drawing. It is important that the mouth is close to the middle of the eyes 👀 . Not too under, because then it won’t have that super cute touch that we love so much. The eyes, if possible, should have glitter ✨ . It’s not mandatory, but by making a few white dots inside the pupils, the drawing gains a lot of expressiveness and tenderness.A good pair of flushed cheeks is also perfect for your kawaii unicorn. Isn’t the kawaii touch already starting to be felt? 🥰

dessin licorne kawaii visage

5) Draw the body

The kawaii head is big. Very tall. Keep this in mind when drawing the body. The proportion of the head should be similar to that of the body, even the whole body. It makes the characters cuter and more cuddly 🤗 .

dessin licorne kawaii corps

6) Draw the legs

The advantage of kawaii art is that there is no need for more detail on the unicorn’s legs etc.Just make them more or less rounded and that’s all. It’s very easy.

licorne kawaii pattes dessin

7) Draw the tail and ornaments

To draw the tail, use the same rules as for drawing the hair strands. Clearly differentiate the different parts of the tail. On the other hand, when you finish your kawaii unicorn, add some small ornaments like hearts 💕 , stars ⭐️ or rainbows 🌈 . So, she will be super cute, and all you have to do is color it as you wish.

dessin licorne kawaii queue

Now that you know how to draw a kawaii unicorn easily step by step, all you have to do is color it.

Let’s go on. A promise is a promise. We now show you in this video how to do it. You will see how to draw a unicorn by first sketching in pencil, then drawing in marker. The cartoonist in this video does it in a very similar way to this tutorial, which will help you learn better.



With these tips and tricks, you now have everything you need to know to start making easy-to-make kawaii unicorn drawings. take the leap!

Kawaii unicorn drawings

And now, to inspire you, look at the kawaii unicorn drawings below. There are many ways to draw them. You can start with the one we showed and then try copying some of those examples.

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