Friendship necklace for 2 unicorns


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Hold the symbol of your friendship full of unicorn!

Create a stronger bond with your friend using our friendship necklace for 2 unicorns!

If you share a passion for unicorns and want to have a object that symbolizes your best friendship then this friendship necklace for 2 unicorns is for you!

Create a strong bond with your best friend.

These two pieces of jewelry will remain etched in time and will keep your unforgettable memories that you have experienced and are experiencing!

  • Take on the unicorn style…

Wear your unicorn around your neck and experience unique adventures while taking on the “unicorn” style!

  • Discover the magic of the unicorn

Lore has it that our friendship necklace for 2 unicorns has both mysterious and magical power to its owners… But we won’t say more, you’d better test it by yourself to see what it is capable of!


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